“Contrary to what may seem, sport and sustainable human development are two sides of the same coin, two essential parts of our education, of our life.

Environment and sport know no bounds. They don’t look at artificial differences between North and South, East or West. It’s unique and indivisible.

Sport has always been an educational tool to pass on values such as cooperation, communication, respect for rules, problem solving, leadership, fair play, sharing, self-esteem, confidence, honesty, integrity, endurance, self-esteem and discipline, among many others.

Sport is far more than a luxury or a form of entertainment. Access to and participation in sport is a human right and essential for individuals of all ages to lead healthy and fulfilling lives.”

Sport as a Tool for Development and Peace

Towards Achieving the United Nations Millennium Development Goals

This report analyses in detail the potential contribution that sport can make towards achieving the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. It provides an overview of the growing role that sports activities are playing in many United Nations programmes and crystallizes the lessons learned. It also includes recommendations aimed at maximizing and mainstreaming the use of sport.