Padel Tournament for Intermediate Level at Bushy Park Tennis & Padel Club

Bushy Park Padel Club is organising an intermediate low and an intermediate high level padel tournament. The competition will take place on Sunday 22nd of October.

There are only two categories: low-intermediate and high-intermediate.
The places are limited to 8 teams on each group.

The entry fee is €15 per player for non-members and €10 for members.

Winners = Padel Runners
Runners Up = Padel Gear
3rd Place = Balls and Overgrips

Please try and sign up as soon as possible. Please feel free to pass on this message to all your friends or anyone you think may be interested.

Format – Full schedule on our Facebook page or on our Whatsapp group coming up shortly. Watch the space!

Booking? Please send us an email or a whatsapp. You can also book your place at the desk.


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